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Choose your meal plan

Choose the meal plan that best fits your family’s needs.

All of our meals are chilled not frozen. This means that freshness is guaranteed for every dish.


Delivery Twice a Week

We deliver your fresh chilled meals twice a week.

Once delivered, you have four days to enjoy them to ensure you are getting them to ensure you are getting the freshest meal.

Warm them up for 2.5 minutes & enjoy these delicious meals with your loved ones.


We Donate a Meal for Every Plan

Choose The Meal Plan That Best Fits Your Family’s Needs.

All Of Our Meals Are Chilled Not Frozen. This Means That Freshness Is Guaranteed For Every Dish.


YeYeah Delights

Family comes first. We want to help you spend less time cooking and more time enjoying one another. As a trusted supplier of family meals, we can give you peace of mind knowing that your family is eating wholesome, convenient and dietician approved meals.



Blast-chilled to retain nutrients.

No added preservatives

Salt, sugar & fat contents are all dietician approved



Delivered right to your door twice a week

Consume anytime, anywhere

Pierce and reheat for 2.5 minutes



Menus have a variety of tasty treats that include gourmet entrees and soups

Fresh meals sourced from local suppliers HACCP certified kitchen.

Chilled and packed for 3 days freshness


What Our Customers Are Saying

Best tingkat meals plan so far - 2 pax dinner

We have been to so many different tingkat meals but always have to transfer after a month or two because the food variety being given are becoming repetitive. Finally, we found this one that is most suitable to our taste. We like that most of the time, there is no fish bone or chicken bone in the dish. Once a week there will be pasta or noodle dish. Soup is very mild tho (almost bland) but we are okay with it. Please keep up the quality. Thank you.


Family Meals

Healthier Choice

Something which drew me to take up their package was that they were the only caterer who uses brown rice. In my attempt to be a tad healthier, brown rice is certainly a good start

Confinement Meals

Yeyeah Delights : Weight Loss Meal Review

What makes this food delivery service provider stands out from the rest is the effort they put into every meal. The nutritional content of meals is assessed and approved by their dietician and each meal comes with a nutrition label so that you know your calories intake. This comes in handy if you are trying to lose weight and have started keeping track of your calorie intake. More at

Deenise Yang

Weight Loss Meals