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Nutritional Benefits of YeYeah Delights

Tasty calorie controlled meals which are designed to help you achieve a healthy weight.

A well-balanced meal should have 3 main nutritional components: Low GI carbs, lean protein and a good amount of fibre.

YeYeah Delights has it all and most importantly, they taste delicious.

Brow Rice Box

Low Glycemic Index (Gl) carbs

We use brown rice, long grain white rice, wholemeal pasta and sweet potato which have lower GI values.

Vegetables Nutrition Box

High in Fibre

We serve adequate amounts of vegetables and fruit which are usually missing in our meals. We also use wholemeal pasta, brown rice and sweet potato which are high in soluble and insoluble fibre.

Sashimi Nutrition Box

Lean Protein food choices

We remove the skin and fat off meats for you to help you go lean. We use only skinless chicken, lean beef, tofu and beans.

Our meals are all low in fat which is important for lowering cardiovascular risk and losing weight. Example of how we do it: Skinless chicken, lean beef. Very little oil used. Traditional creamy sauces and soups modified to low fat versions. The use of tomato based sauces which have very little fat. High in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The pigments in vegetables and fruits are beneficial plant chemicals. Therefore the more colourful your meals look, the more nutrients they have.